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Jet Test Live Flight Tracking Portal

Below you will find different ways to track a Jet Test flight: Flightaware and Garmin Inreach. You may also manually attempt to track using Flightradar24.

Flightaware and Flightradar24 are automated systems that use ATC data and ADS-B information. The Flightaware widget below shows flights presently operating under a JTN "Jettest" callsign. It is possible, depending on the region, that the flight may not be displayed. In this case, you may search the flight number or aircraft tail number on Flightradar24 as a backup. 

The Garmin Inreach widget below takes position data from our Inreach devices that are (normally) carried aboard Jet Test ferry flights. We presently have 5 devices and their positions are updated automatically when the tracking function is turned on - on the device. Assuming that there is a Garmin Inreach device aboard, this is the most accurate method for tracking. Contact Jet Test management to learn which device is assigned to your flight.