complete project management from the most experienced in the business

repossession - redelivery - lease return

Jettest's Asset Recovery Team (ART) is a unique product that integrates our world-class Flight-Ops services with the most experienced On-Site Technical team, and a network of support resources aligned to efficiently and effectively take back possession of commercial aircraft. Hostile or amicable repossessions or routine end-of-lease returns; we're equipped to tackle the most challenging situations. The Asset Recovery Team can jump right into a project regardless of what stage the project is at; however the earlier in the process, the better.

After coordination with your company's legal counsel on the contractual details, the ART will coordinate an action plan to begin the process of recovering and repositioning your aircraft to anywhere in the world you choose. Our highly experienced onsite technical representative will travel to the asset's location and begin to audit and prepare the aircraft and records for return. If needed, we can coordinate and manage maintenance action at an MRO, and any registration-related actions that need to take place. Our planning and flight support team will the begin to coordinate departure permits and required permissions as well as customs (import/export) matters. If the aircraft will need to move into temporary storage, we can provide recommendations and coordination with any of our partner storage facilities worldwide. 

We are ready for virtually any situation and experienced and capable with incorporating any of the following services:

  • Operations on a wide variety of international registrations through licensure or validation: FAA (NREG), 2-REG, BCAA/Bermuda (VP/VQ), Isle of Man, Chile (CC), Brazil (PR), Canada (C), Indonesia (PK), EASA REG, UK (G), Australia(VH), New Zealand (ZK), and approximately 30 other registrations through validation (inquire about availability)

  • Transition of aircraft to transient or follow-on lessee registration

  • Records Audit

  • Aircraft Inspection

  • Borescope Coordination and Observation

  • Lease Return and Delivery OnSite Rep

  • Aircraft Structure Inspections

  • Repossession/Recovery

  • Test/Demo flight operations and observers

  • Issuance of SFP

  • CAMO Services

  • Overflight validation of SFP/SFA

  • Valid CofA LODA Operations

  • NAT/HLA, RVSM, CPDLC/ADS-C Operations

  • Portable HF Installations (Temporary)

  • Flight Support Provisioning (Fuel, Handling, Permissions)

  • Experienced In-House Crews for 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, A319/20/21, A220, A330, A340, A350, DC-9/MD-80, CRJ, ERJ, E-170/190, DHC-6, DHC-8/Q400, ATR42/72